Community Impact

We believe that our businesses have an important part to play in maintaining the vitality of our communities. This goes beyond our obvious role as a major employer and the contribution that our business makes to the local economy – it includes the support we give to local groups and charities, our engagement with local government and our involvement with community driven initiatives.
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The Growing Trust

Produce World’s Community Impact strategy has been built around its charitable entity, The Growing Trust. The Trust is funded from an annual donation from the Produce World Group. The Trust has been designed to makes its work as relevant as possible to group businesses, its employees and the communities in which it operates therefore agriculture and the rural economy, education, the environment and community organisations have been selected as being the main areas of focus.
Since its launch in July 2008 the Trust has been busy with 35 donations made to causes suggested by Produce World colleagues totaling over £10,000. Recipients of Growing Trust support have been extremely varied ranging from local community projects to sponsored events by colleagues in aid of larger charities. Here are a few examples of who the Trust has helped and how :