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Maris Piper goes organic for the first time.

It’s the best known, most widely grown and popular potato variety, but up until now it has proved too difficult to produce an organic version. Now for the first time organic Maris Piper is available in Waitrose. Supplied by the Produce World Group under its Nature’s Premium brand, it will go on sale in some 40 Waitrose stores from today (October 28th), giving purchasers of organic vegetables the opportunity to purchase this most versatile of potatoes for the first time ever.

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A revolution in cauliflower!

A revolutionary new variety of cauliflower from China could turn the cauliflower world on its head. Launched by Waitrose at a limited number of stores, the new version is versatile, easier-to-cook and sweeter than traditional cauliflower. The retailer believes that the new product suits modern lifestyles and will appeal to all ages. Sweet Sprouting Cauliflower has been grown by the leading UK vegetable producer the Produce World Group as part of its ongoing innovation programme.

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Sustainability is not an ‘add-on’ for leading vegetable business

Sustainability is central to the Produce World Group’s business according to the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Neil Fraser.

Writing in the annual review of the Group’s 4Life sustainability programme, he says:

Our business of growing fresh vegetables is intrinsically linked to the environment, from the seed in the ground to the produce on the shelf. Our business relies on sustainability from the outset for the success of present and future production.

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Produce World finance team get on their bikes

The senior finance team at leading vegetable producer the Produce World Group have completed a 180 mile charity bike ride.  Starting from the company’s HQ at Lynch Wood in Peterborough Group Finance Director, Phil Jones and senior team members James Barker, Nick French, Wayne Burbidge and Rob Edwards cycled to Cromer on day one, with support provided by Jim Field.

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