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Credit360 Report

Produce World maintains that a sustainable, responsible business is a good business. Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is built on four ‘pillars’; Responsible Sourcing, Environmental Stewardship, Community Impact and Workplace Culture.  We use Credit360 to monitor our CSR strategy.

Credit 360 is a specialist provider of sustainability software. That means you can rely on us to manage your sustainability data and help take your company where you want to be. Whatever sustainability means to your organisation, from carbon reporting to donations tracking, our system provides an efficient, integrated and transparent way to gather and manage data

You can view it by going to:

Farming Structure Confirmed for Produce World Marshalls

Produce World has confirmed the complete structure of its farming team at Produce World Marshalls. Following the appointment of Christian Maltby as Head of Farm Operations, Carolyn Coxe becomes the Planning and Agronomy Manager, and will be the ‘named grower’ on all Produce World Marshalls’ farming produce.

Carolyn has worked for Produce World for four years. Her role involves taking overall responsibility for all planning and agronomy functions and producing growing blueprints to ensure accurate forecasts throughout the year. Reporting into Carolyn is Matthew Sisson, who takes over responsibility for all the company’s Lincolnshire planting operations.

Area managers Gary Jaques, Steve Barai and Danny Nieuwenburg manage forecasting and harvesting, and are the local face of Produce World Marshalls to growing partners. They continuously ‘walk the crop’ and provide up-to date information on availability to the commercial team.

Produce World Marshalls uses a dedicated agronomy service to help it to maximise yield and quality in the field, and keep the team up-to-date with the latest innovations. Through major investments made in 2010, significant advances have been made in harvest cooling and crop conditioning systems both on farm and at its Butterwick site. Investment in the award-winning broccoli field factory has delivered 250,000 trays of pre- packed broccoli in field in the UK and Spain to date.